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No code or developer needed, take one click snapshots of NFT owners at any point in time for any NFT project on the blockchain you need

Staking mechanisms are supported too!

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Excel Spreadsheet

Easily opened in Microsoft Excel and importable to Google Sheets, the best option for manually curating the results or using them to pick a winner!


Easily opened in Excel and usable with many websites that accept import lists.


Common format for being read by programs to perform automated tasks.

Simple pricing, paid in $ETH

OnChainPixels NFT holders can claim 1 FREE credit per NFT owned per month!

1 Credit $5

Try it out for only $5

5 Credit $20

Save 20%

20 Credit $60

Save 40%

Staking now supported!

Many collections have staking mechanisms that appear as though the majority of the collection belongs to a single address

Staking for most contracts is now supported! The contract must implement a function that takes the token OD as a single parameter, and return either the owners address, or a struct containing the owners address